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This page contains de TennisAppSuite LLC Early Believer Investors Program information as a modular deck. Program topics are in chapters, each with a quick summary outline and click-expandable detail. The Tutorial Video below, gives you a quick start guide on how to best peruse the deck

The TennisAppSuite LLC Value Proposition

  • In the last four years, with our founding team’s investment, we have built TennisAppSuite, the 1st World Tennis Innovation Conference Wingfield Award Winner Tennis Business product … The SaaS app suite for transforming grassroots tennis … nearing 1  billion players, all part of legacy tennis communities like clubs, city/region associations, private groups, schools, academies … into digitally connected communities … Worldwide 

  • We have built a multinational team of world class software architecture and development talent, together with proven executive and marketing leadership teams plus an advisory board of global tennis influencers and growing brand ambassadors team of regional tennis leaders

  • Launching Q1-Q2 2023, TappS multilingual Alpha release in 12 tennis world languages … We need money to further support Beta and GENERAL RELEASE versions of the product  

  • We have a mutually accepted connected network of 5600 tennis professionals in our CRM pipeline … Each a validated, qualified tennis player/provider prospective customer … We need money for marketing and sales outreach to grow our pipeline and convert our connections into customers

The Investors Resume

The TennisAppSuite LLC Early Believer Fund Contributor is a Qualified Investor With Tennis, Sports, Life, Business Experiences Guiding Their Vision and Appreciation of the Opportunity and Performance Capabilities of TennisAppSuite LLC

TennisAppSuite LLC Early Believers Fund is searching for investors in the model of first Apple investor Mike Markkula …  Able to see in our startup stage the future of millions of tennis players and tennis providers around the world adopting and benefiting from TennisAppSuite™ game changing digital tennis community empowering capabilities … From his first visit to the garage where Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were working on their first PC prototype, Mike Markkula was able to see the future of Apple and contributed funds and management support and leadership vital to what Apple is today. In the process earning one of the highest ROIs in the history of startup investors.

Profile of the TennisAppSuite LLC Investor ... Read More ...
  • So, to start with, you are an able investor in command of financial resources open to ROI risk/reward opportunities of the scope and nature of the TennisAppSuite LLC Early Believers Fund described in this online deck.
  • You are a recognized and respected leader in,  local\regional\global tennis, sports and/or investors ecosystems.
  • Your life and business experiences enable you to acquire and share the vision fueling the entire TennisAppSuite LLC business and technology innovators team, to serve this exquisitely user friendly and yet technologically complex app with AI engine components to its worldwide markets.
  • You may also be in a position to further support your investment in TennisAppSuite LLC by contributing as Founding Ambassador, and/or Advisory Board member in multiple areas of activity like expanding strategic relationships, public relations, revenue growth, sales, marketing, finance, corporate strategy amd other endeavors.

For questions and discussion of next steps, please select a date and time in TennisAppSuite™ CEO calendar

The Shared Mission

Statement of TennisAppSuite LLC Early Believers Fund Investor Shared Mission with TennisAppSuite LLC ... To profit from exponentially growing tennis participation by digitally connecting communities of players & providers and sharing d•TC provider services income expansion

TennisAppSuite LLC Early Believers Fund Investors share the mission and vision of TennisAppSuite LLC in the tennis ecosystem as discussed in discovery conversations held or to be held.  TappS Investors manifest their capability and disposition for funding the business development of TappS digitally Linked Tennis Communities or d•TC’s as a strategic goal of mutual importance and benefits and fulfillment of the core mission pursuits of TennisAppSuite LLC


The Shared Mission ... Read More ...
“I am enjoying more discussions with startups about the ROI benefits for customers who use our products rather than the coolness of our products. I am enjoying more focus on how to build sustainable businesses that don’t rely on ever more capital and logarithmically increasing valuations. I find comfort in founders in love with their markets and products and visions — whatever the economic consequences. I am confident money will be made be people who frugally and doggedly follow their passions and build things of real substance.”

Mark Suster … 2x entrepreneur. Sold both companies (last to Turned VC looking to invest in passionate entrepreneurs —

Mark’s thoughts reflect very precisely the sense of joy and mission TennisAppSuite LLC is seeking to share with our Early Believers Fund Investors.

Mission embodied in our 5-star goals:

  1. “Soccerization” of the tennis ecosystem. Viral Expansion of Adoption of Racquet Sports on a Global scale. Tennis is a lifetime activity contributing to good health and emotional fitness of players of every age, skill levels. everywhere 
  2. Empowering Tennis and Emerging Racquet Sports Players EVERYWHERE to search and Find Pre-Accepted Invitations for Match & Events with Players of Compatible Individual Rank & Schedule Availability Settings, Using Their Friendly Smart-Phone and registering fitness benefits of their tennis exercise 
  3. Exponential Multiplication of staff Tennis and Racquet Sports PRO Work Product, supporting tennis coaching with video & AI technologies for enhanced teaching coaching results and DELIVERING Increasing Income for ALL Tennis Providers and Sponsors without increasing staff counts
  4. Enabling every parent, coach, fan, to watch streamed amateur varsity/collegiate, developing pro tennis, matches of their children students on their mobile devices, live with scores, real-time!
  5. Through our Tennis4Humanity foundation to support a “Coaches Without Walls-model” of global outreach to all four cardinal points. Empowering communities to adopt racquet sports as a means to improved child and youth human development. Fostering players lifetime physical and mental health fitness

    For questions and discussion of next steps, please select a date and time in TennisAppSuite™ CEO calendar

    TheMarket Opportunity

    The validated TennisAppSuite LLC Market UNIVERSE Encompasses over 215,000 Tennis Communities Worldwide Serving Over 88 Million Regular Players in 41 Countries ... Capturing a Modest 10% Will Yield a $340 Million/Year Sales Revenue Stream for TennisAppSuite LLC team and partners

    Sales revenue model criteria and projection data available on qualified request.  Market data is as reported registered stats to the International Tennis Federation – ITF as of 2021, plus other industry data sources … TennisAppSuite LLC segments its customer base of TENNIS PLAYERS and TENNIS PROVIDERS as TENNIS COMMUNITIES, Such as  •  Private/Public Clubs • City/Region Tennis Dept.  •  Academic Schools/Tennis Academies  • Federations/Associations  •  Informal Player Groups, worldwide. 

    The TennisAppSuite LLC Market Opportunity ... Read More ...

    WHY TennisAppSuite … The Pains

    • Tennis is losing player participation at historic rates compelling 2021 ITF world conference to be on the theme of PARTICIPATION
    • Tennis is losing player participation at historic rates compelling 2021 ITF world conference to be on the theme of PARTICIPATION
    • The principal reasons for dwindling participation are:
      • Players are not visible to one another, even within clubs and local groups
      • Is it very hard to find and connect with players of compatible levels and availability schedules – Specially for new and intermediate players
      • Hard to find and participate in provider-organized match playing opportunities like ladders, leagues, tournaments
      • Tennis has an HR problem … professionals are scarce, spread thin and just not making enough money to foster and support participation growth
    • Tennis is losing market share to viral Pickle-ball and other racket sports.    Tennis courts occupancy rates are dismal and dwindling while Pickle-ball courts are crawling with players, fast taking over one out of every 4 courts worldwide
    • In a market where some 300+ million grassroots avid tennis players, and some 400k tennis pros\coaching providers, some 200k clubs and millions of community tennis groups, 90% +  LOGISTICS\ADMIN & COMMUNICATIONS ARE DONE MANUALLY.

    WHAT, TennisAppSuite SaaS … The Solution

    Provide a SaaS digital assistant to “digitally Link TENNIS COMMUNITIES so that:

    • Players become visible to one another [Just like Airbnb.Uber made travelers and rooms and rides visible to one another enabling the value exchange for all]
    • The app empowers finding and connecting with players of compatible levels and availability schedules – Specially during learning stages
    • Empowers easy finding and participation in local community match playing opportunities like tennis ladders, leagues, tournaments
    • Empowers tennis services providers to better monetize their brand and services – driving higher incomes from more value added clients services like analytics and live match\practice streaming, plus local sponsors advertising
    • Tennis becomes as easy to learn and participate in, as viral-growing Pickle-ball is

    For questions and discussion of next steps, please select a date and time in TennisAppSuite™ CEO calendar

    The TennisAppSuite™ Product

    TennisAppSuite™ also TappS™, is a SaaS suite built in the model of world class software suites like G Suite from Google, Creative Suite from Adobe, or Office 365 from Microsoft. Modular and multilingual integrated digital assistant apps serving specific needs of Tennis providers and Tennis players worldwide.

    TennisAppSuite™ apps are easily accessed and managed from any Android or iOS mobile device to help automate Tennis activities • Players can find & set matches with compatible and available players, paid hitters and instructors, find and book courts, easily join ladders, leagues and tournaments • Providers can configure and run events in fractions of time and reduced labor – achieve more with the same effort – monetizing their Tennis business brand & services to exponentially new income levels to include local sponsors digital banner ads, player KPI analytics and match streaming services to pay-per-view clients.

    The TennisAppSuite™ Product ... Read More ...

    In the model of other SaaS apps of global adoption, like Airbnb and Uber, TappS™ is provided FREE to customers. When a player customer purchases a service from a customer tennis provider TappS™ Stripe POS service collects a modest transaction share as its source of revenue to support maintenance and expansion of the ongoing services of the platform. Unlike Uber 25%+ and Airbnb 18%+ average fees, TappS™ fees are scheduled to be in the 10% to 12% range for pricing set by tennis providers services according to their local economies. Sponsor advertising, streaming and third party services revenue are subject to separate sharing accords with TappS™ customers.

    To take a deep dive into the multiple features, functions and benefits as they address specific roles in the tennis ecosystem, we recommend you peruse relevant pages of interest to you at the Tennis Players and Tennis Providers pages of our website.   For a quick overview, we suggest you Click Here to See TappS Product Brief v4.11.30.22 PDF outlining the product release map, the stated intention and plan to bring this exquisitely user friendly and yet technologically complex SaaS with AI engine components app to our customers

      For questions and discussion of next steps, please select a date and time in TennisAppSuite™ CEO calendar

      Morgan Stanley Shareworks Valuation

      TappS Ambassadors Further Monetize Their Leadership and Influence ... Investing 10-20 Hours Yearly Per d•TC Client, A TappS Ambassador Agency Business With 10 Fully Engaged d•TC Users Will Average $35k Yearly Recurring Income.

      In the model of traditional agencies that build market value, like insurance or real state and many franchises, TappS LLC Ambassadors tapping their leadership and influence amongst tennis and racquet sports communities, build a book of business that will yield a valuable and marketable ROI while expanding much needed player participation and improving the sports’ service providers profitability

      TennisAppSuite Ambassadors Compensation ... Read More ...
      • To the extent that the Ambassadors becomes a TennisAppSuite LLC Authorized Business Agent, their business activity has or will have acquired a marketable value measured by its book of business, client prospective pipeline and overall goodwill for their business practice and other market value factors.  The TappS Ambassador and their Client Development Partners may after an initial three year period of bona fide successful operations, elect to bequeath to an inheritor or sell their book of business duly developed and maintained under the terms and conditions of TappS engagement agreements
      • TappS LLC revenue is understood to be POS transaction fees currently in the range of 10% to 15% of the sales revenue receipts by TappS LLS product users in their course of business. Current projections indicate that a fully engaged dTC will yield annual revenues averaging $10k annually for TappS LLC
      • TappS Ambassadors earn a share of 5% of the revenue booked by TappS Client Development Partners recruited and appointed by TappS LLC as a direct result of Ambassador sales. Additionally TappS Ambassadors earn 20% of the TappS customer revenue booked by, and managed directly by the Ambassador. Customers are defined as dTC’s digital Tennis Communities that adopt TappS as their digital community platform for delivery of tennis services and sponsor advertising in tennis events and service packages
      • Contact us to receive a comprehensive spreadsheet model to estimate dTC revenue generating activity and corresponding Ambassador income share
      • Revenue stream begins from new Client digital tennis community purchases of TappS product-supported transaction services including but not limited to: registrations to tennis ladder leagues lessons tournament match services, courts and sponsor advertising income, plus analytics service and pay-per-view live match streaming income.
      • The global leader in payment processing platforms, Stripe and in some countries other, global payment processing platform is used by TappS ™ to collect and distribute funds per transaction as stipulated.

        For questions and discussion of next steps, please select a date and time in TennisAppSuite™ CEO calendar

        About TennisAppSuite LLC

        Born From Love Of Tennis, Created And Built By Tennis Business & Sport Professionals Together With Tennis Lifestylers With Deep Experience In The Arts And Sciences Of Business Computing Solutions. Hence, Every Tennisappsuite™ Feature Aces A Real-World Tennis Sport And Business Requirement.

        The FamilyTeamsTennisChampionships was the trigger event … TappS founder Cesar Andrade and his son Marco founded and managed, out of Santa Barbara, CA the FamilyTeamTennisChampionships – Soon became a World Team Tennis partner … receiving WTT’s Billie Jean King, Delaine Mast, and the then SC USTA leadership support and endorsement. The program went viral in the region and run multiple league events. Frustratingly, Its rapid growth and popularity became its own downfall because the FTTC was unable to absorb the admin and logistics required to sustain the events and players. Nor was there adequate funding from sponsors to hire and pay the dozens of staff or recruit and manage volunteers to handle all of that … There had to be a better way!

        As a senior software architect in his day job, Cesar felt the pain and saw the need for a digital technology platform to enable running the events with more flexible scheduling at a minimum of staff time & cost, delivering a high dose of self-service admin and logistics handling features for families to act as a cohesive, tennis-purpose-driven community, united in a virtual tennis club embracing and supporting local, regional and national circles of players.

        The TennisAppSuite Story ... Read More ...
        • All major software suite development platforms were studied to determine the best was to serve the requirements of the apps. Early in the studies, web-based, PC-accessible options were discarded as the suite needed to support on-court, off-premisses tennis player and services provider data processing needs.
        • TennisAppSuite™ elects not to be one of many silo apps catering to a discreet and popular area of the sport at the moment, but rather take a long range view of its value as an all-in-one SaaS solution integrating data processing procedures and processes so that human error and redundant work burden are eliminated for players and services providers in the tennis ecosystem
        • By mid 2010’s decade, Android and iOS mobile phone app development platforms emerged to empower full development of complex SaaS suites incorporating sophisticated AI engine features. The first TennisAppSuite™ prototype was built and shared with local, regional and global tennis leaders for review and comment.
        • TennisAppSuite™ receives a $7.5 Million – Morgan Stanley 409A Valuation – A unique appraisal for a pre-revenue startup on the merits of it SaaS assets, team and board of advisors, market positioning and peer success analysis.  Current information of TennisAppSuite™ Financial Projections, Board of Advisors and Engineering, Marketing and Executive Team Members available as subsequent steps in the TennisAppSuite™ Ambassador’s Engagement process.
        • TennisAppSuite™ selected feature presenters and conference leaders in the first and second annual  TENNIS INNOVATION CONFERENCE by Fernando Segal’s Segal Institute Bringing global tennis thought leaders & innovators from 29 countries and participants from 64 countries.  Winner of the Conference’s Wingfield Award for Best Tennis Business App
        • To facilitate application of TappS services to the multiple and varying types of tennis providers, the nomenclature is adopted as TENNIS COMMUNITIES for all of them, and “digital Tennis Communities” for those adopting and using TappS as their digital assistant and services provider management platform, “dTC”  for short.  Hence a dTC can be any Private or Public Tennis Club Facility Coaching and Schools Providers of any size and mission 
        • The is launched providing information of all functions and benefits as they address specific roles in the tennis ecosystem, we recommend you peruse relevant pages of interest to you at the Tennis Players and Tennis Providers pages of our website.   For a quick overview, we suggest you Click Here to See TappS Product Brief v4.11.30.22 PDF outlining the product release map, the stated intention and plan to bring this exquisitely user friendly and yet technologically complex SaaS with AI engine components app to our customers
        • Developing special partnerships with schools at all levels, tennis academies and non-profit tennis organizations worldwide sharing deep discounted service plans
        • Developing partnerships with Language Partners who bring to local markets TennisAppSuite™ around the world, in the language of their tennis ecosystem. This is made possible by the multilingual architecture of TennisAppSuite™ catering to fast and dynamic conversion of its user services to multiple languages.
        • TennisAppSuite™ is a work in progress now and will always be because it is designed to include your new ideas as a  user, to interoperate with new like-minded technologies  subscribing to the ITF’s Tennis Open Data Standards (TODS) as they become available to enrich the digital support of tennis and to maintain  pace with the evolving development of the sport and its derivatives.


          For questions and discussion of next steps, please select a date and time in TennisAppSuite™ CEO calendar