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creators of TennisAppSuite™

Designed by racquet sports professionals for players and providers of all types.

Empower your tennis community with the advantages of a digitally networked community.

Increase your racquet sports services income and earn sponsor payments without increasing YOUR workload !

Multiply your  client PARTICIPATION in

• Match play

• Lessons with analytics

• Self-Running Ladders

• Leagues & Tournaments, for






RacquetsAppSuite™ now

Create self-running challenge ladders… in minutes with 

Racquets! Ladders

For players

Challenge players of your own ranking and time availability

Play by your local racquets provider rules and win your maximum level

Updated scores, records and results on your phone and watch in real time

Supporting your choice of all available player ratings for Tennis, Pickleball and/or Paddle

For providers

Achieve exponential player participation growth as a fun, connected Racquets Sports Community Networks/RCnets

Monetize present and NEW Racquet Sports services, and your brand to unprecedented income levels

Organize and manage for growth, empowered by technology that optimizes your staff resources

Monetize your ladders with local sponsor screen banner ads

These are some of the applications that you will find in Racquets! 

Racquets!™ is provided FREE to customers worldwide:

In the model of other SaaS apps of global adoption, like Airbnb and Uber, Racquets!™ is provided FREE to everyone

App Services Fees: Players do not pay fees.

When a player purchases a service from a Racquet Sports Provider, Racquets!™ collects a services fee. Provider’s set pricing appropriate to their local economy & competitive requirements

Special Partnership with schools, academies, and non-profit providers worldwide.

Sharing a supporting discount on all Racquets! services transaction fees and all sponsor advertising and Racquets!digiVISION™ revenue share

Empower city tennis services teams to do and deliver much more with existing Racquet Sports Pro human resources

Facilitate attracting, engagement and development of new Racquet Sports Pros

Empower better monetization of Racquet Sports providers brand and services – driving higher incomes from community participants and sponsors advertising

Empower finding and connecting with players of compatible levels and availability schedules – Specially during learning \ intermediate stages

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creators of TennisAppSuite